Street Art at Perth’s 140 Precinct

  • Graffiti artist Phibs.

    Graffiti artist Phibs.

  • Artist Pip McManus works on her 140 ART display.

    Artist Pip McManus works on her 140 ART display.

  • Illustrator Sara Winfield working on a mural.

    Illustrator Sara Winfield working on a mural.

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Melbourne and Sydney may steal the Australian spotlight when it comes to commissioned street art, but Perth is making its mark thanks to a new project uniting some of the country’s top talents. Transforming the 140 Perth precinct—an up-and-coming urban enclave of laneways lined with cafés, restaurants, boutiques, and bars—the 140 ART exhibition has seen a dozen artists recast the area’s walls and windows, using shopfronts as larger-than-life canvases. Graffiti artist Phibs, whose striking work adorns the outside of Melbourne’s MoVida restaurant, heads up the creative charge, his full-color mural of stylized birds popping off the walls of an alley. Other talents include Andy Quilty, Anya Brock, Amok Island, and Pip McManus, each taking inspiration from the businesses whose facades they’re reimagining: Island’s design for the Coffee Club features civet cats and coffee beans; designer/illustrator Ian Mutch’s work on Nando’s depicts the Barcelos rooster; and illustrator Michelle Leslie has reinterpreted the front of Iku Sushi with a mythical Japanese sea dragon, fish, crabs, and an octopus rendered in printed vinyl. Styles range from aerosol art to hand-drawn illustrations, stenciling, and acrylic works, and will be on display until the end of January. –Natasha Dragun

 This article originally appeared in the December 2013/January 2014 print issue of DestinAsian magazine (“Taking It to the Streets”)

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