Foodies’ Theme Park to Open in Italy

Hold your forks! This autumn, fans of Italian cuisine can visit what promises to be “the world’s largest agri-food park.”

FICO Eataly World will open its doors for people to eat, shop, and learn how to cook on November 15 in Bologna, Italy. Operated by Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, Eataly will occupy 20 hectares of space that will have 40 Italian restaurants and stalls, six rides, 40 workshops, farmlands, and factories. There will also be 500 tricycles and countless animals—expect to see cows, pigs, rabbits, and goats! And the best part: admission is free.

The destination’s concept is “from the field to the fork,” which means visitors will get to learn how to create different food and drinks, from pasta to wine. Here’s what they say in their announcement video, “People who learn a job build their identity and acquire the means to make their own choices. And we will be proud to supply them with the tools that enable them to choose wisely in the best possible way.”

The park is self-sustainable in terms of growing its own produce and will run entirely on solar energy generated by 44,000 solar panels. More than 2,000 companies have signed up to be a part of the US$106 million project that is set to create 3,000 jobs and attract 10 million visitors annually. There won’t be any accommodation within the venue when it opens, but it will have a 200-room hotel come 2018.

The agri-park will showcase the best of Italian food. All photos courtesy of FICO Eataly World.


Eataly hopes to not only serve as fun day out, but also as an educational destination.


Visitors can harvest, process, and eat their own food in one fell swoop.


The building is self-sufficient in both concept and design

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