Two Questions for: Pro Photographer David Hagerman

  • The man in action.

    The man in action.

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Photographer David Hagerman.

The man in action.

Based in Penang, professional photographer David Hagerman enjoys food, travel, and street photography and shoots for major publications around the world (and for the blog Eating Asia, which he runs with his wife). When he’s not on assignment for the likes of Saveur and the New York Times, he gives photo tours in Penang, Chiang Mai, and Istanbul to aspiring shutterbugs. The walks focus on how to use natural light (see above), take full advantage of a camera’s features, and become more comfortable with photographing strangers. (Then comes the really scary part: Hagerman critiques the day’s snaps.)

What makes a good photographer?
To be a good photographer you need to be curious, patient, and passionate about the pursuit of a great image. Technically speaking a good photographer is able to make visual order out of chaos. On an emotional level he or she shows something that the viewer wouldn’t have otherwise seen and/or allows them to see the mundane or everyday in a new light.

If you could give someone only one photography tip, what would it be?
Ansel Adams once said that photography is about where you stand. Walk around your subject. Observe how the light changes, how the background is altered, and how the frame shifts. Finding a good frame for your subject is sometimes all you need to elevate an image from a mere snapshot to a real photograph. The camera is only there to record a moment; it’s up to the photographer to make it memorable.

Hagerman’s photo tours start at US$250 for three hours. Learn more here.

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