Three Questions for: Pro Photographer Etienne Bossot

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Above: “Red Dzao” by Etienne Bossot.

Etienne Bossot.

Etienne Bossot is a French travel and commercial photographer who has been based in Hoi An, Vietnam, for five years, and has been running photo tours in the area for just over two years. His tours offer a unique opportunity to discover some of the more interesting off-the-beaten-track spots. Join a sunrise tour of a fishing village, a sunset tour of Hoi An’s old quarters and a traditional village, or let Bossot tailor a tour to your specific requirements.

What is the approach you take in your workshops?
During my workshops we focus first on the camera settings, right before getting into the action of busy villages. Once we arrive there, we are already surrounded by an intense activity of farmers or fishermen, and that gives a good introduction for the “creative” workshop, where we talk about composition and ways to innovate. We try to break through our old ways of taking photos, and what is very different here is the contact we have with the locals. They are all familiar with having a bunch of photographers coming to see them with a huge smile, and they actually like it! So instead of just talking photography, we do photography!















What makes a good photographer?
Photography is like everything else, it needs a lot of work. A good photographer is first and foremost a motivated photographer. Waking up before dawn is key in travel photography, and it requires some motivation.

If you could give someone only one photography tip, what would it be?
The one I call the secret of photography — get close to your subject and don’t be shy.

Bossot’s photo tours start at US$29. Learn more here.

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