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February/March 2009

  • Hangzhou Attractions: the Liangzhu Culture Museum

    A new museum in Hangzhou provides a futuristic showcase for an ancient Chinese culture.
  • Crab-stuffed Squid-ink Tortellini

    Sydney: Beresford Essentials

    There’s no telling why chef Danny Russo’s previous venture never really won the hearts of Sydney diners. Lo Studio was set in a deliriously beautiful Art Deco room in Surry Hills, and its modern I...
  • Recorded Music Salon

    Australia: Changing Lanes

    Beyond Melbourne’s orderly grid of city blocks lies an atmospheric network of some 900 alleys, arcades, and footpaths, home to former workers’ cottages and warehouses dating back to the Australian...
  • Southern Star

    Melbourne: The City’s Latest Sky-High Attraction

    The 120-meter-high Southern Star observation wheel takes visitors on a panoramic 30-minute revolution, commanding views of Port Philip Bay, Federation Square, and Harbour Town.
  • Thailand: Hua Hin Hills Vineyard Offers Elephant Tours

    Returning to its roots, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is luring visitors not only with the promise of great grapes, but also gentle giants.
  • Shanghai: M1NT and Kee Club Go Private

    Shanghai may be late in embracing the private members’ club concept, but that hasn’t stopped two Hong Kong heavyweights from making a swift mainland debut.
  • Bali: Alila Villas Uluwatu Gets Blessing from Green Globe

    Alila Villas Uluwatu is one of the first resorts in Asia to be designed and built according to the guidelines of Green Globe.
  • India: A Higher Calling

    Residents of the Nilgiris will tell you that the highlands they call home have good vastu—a harmonious alignment of energies that sets them apart from anywhere else in India
  • Hong Kong: Star Crossed

    Digesting Michelin’s new guide to Hong Kong and Macau ... So, what’s in a restaurant guide? When it comes to the name Michelin, plenty to chew on, it seems
  • Malaysia: Sweet Serendah

    I was just 10 years old when I first tried my hand at architecture. It was a tree house: a two-storied refuge that rose through the apricot tree in our backyard in Melbourne
  • Cradle Mountain Lodge

    Australia: Having a Devil of a Time in Tasmania

    Going to the ends of the earth to meet Tasmania’s elusive—and endangered—mascot.
  • Iran: Iranian Revelation

    I am the sole customer in a beauty salon in Shiraz, and I’m suddenly feeling overdressed. After the sea of manteaus and chadors outside
  • Shadow Puppeteer Mann Kosal

    Cambodia: Out From The Shadows

    Among the more notorious achievements of the Khmer Rouge regime was the widespread destruction of Cambodia’s resplendent arts