What to Expect at Park Hyatt Zürich’s Parkhuus

Farm to table, nose to tail, foraged and fossicked—the latest restaurant to look back to a simpler culinary time when provenance ruled is Parkhuus in Zurich. It’s a timely rejuvenation for the Park Hyatt’s longstanding eatery, with more diners than ever wanting to know the origins of the fish, meat, and greens on their plates. At Parkhuus, vegetables and herbs are plucked from the hotel’s garden, with other ingredients sourced from a group of small, sustainable suppliers who share the restaurant’s respect for the land, locality, and quality produce. Think char fished from Lake Zurich, Adliswil horseradish shoots, and local bison prepared by an in-house butcher. According to chef Frank Widmer, “We may experiment with flavors and techniques but we always stay true to the food by keeping it simple, by working with nature rather than against it.”

Fresh catch for Parkhuus. All photos are courtesy of Park Hyatt Zurich.

The ingredients used at Parkhuus

What’s served at Parkhuus

This article originally appeared in the April/May 2017 print issue of DestinAsian magazine (“Huus Rules”).

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