A Foodie’s Guide to Singapore

Liz Lazan in SG

“What do Singapore Noodles, Fortune Cookie, and Crab Rangoon have in common?”

Well, they are all not real dishes in either Singapore or China, and yet are commonly found in almost every Chinese restaurant in America says Singaporean actor-cum-producer Elizabeth Lazan. She along with her best friend, Jeane Reveendran set out on a cross-country road trip from New York to Los Angeles in the hunt for the best Asian food in America.

While their foodie adventure will release as a mini travel web-series titled, ‘Crack the Cookie Code’ only in February next year, The Faith of Anna Waters star, spills the beans on the food scene in her first home, Singapore and how she is coping up in Los Angeles.

I love Singaporean food because… The flavours, spices and recipes are literally a melting pot of cultures. Because the country is so diverse, the cuisines are a reflection of this exoticness. Food in Singapore is also a very strong part of our national identity. We’re proud of our delicious ‘makan’ and if you start exploring the food here, you won’t stop – you can’t stop. When I am in Singapore I go to… Joo Chiat for my wanton mee, Chomp Chomp and River Valley road for a variation of local food! My absolute Singaporean favourites are…  

Chicken Rice, which is fair to say could quite be our national dish. Chilli crab with the sweet bread (mantou) and fried carrot cake! You don’t know Singapore till you tried these dishes!

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Growing up in Singapore was special because of…

Khong Guan in my kitchen. It’s an iconic Singaporean snack with various biscuits. Everytime I see a packet, it brings back memories of being a kid. Amazingly, it also travelled along with me through America.

Los Angeles is not so bad because…

I can find ‘Singapore Noodles’ in almost every Chinese restaurant. The plenty of variety and fusion Asian cuisines that evolved actually sparked my upcoming show ‘Crack The Cookie Code’

For Asian food in Los Angeles I visit…

Phantom Food Truck for its Peking Duck Tacos – so delicious. In Thai Town, there’s a ‘cash-only’ place Ruen Pair, authentic Thai style! Lukshon is more upscale, with ‘east mix west’ cuisine, along with a beautiful setting.

Elizabeth Lazan is an Fly Entertainment Artiste.

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