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Delhi’s Khari Baoli Market is a Wonderland of Spices
Clamorous, vibrant, and redolent with exotic aromas since the heyday of the Mughals, Delhi’s Khari Baoli market offers a deep dive into th...
Exploring Odisha
Beyond the crowd-pleasing temples that draw pilgrims to India’s ninth-largest state, a patchwork of tribal peoples and tranquil beach esca...
Shey, Upper Ladakh
On the Village Circuit in Ladakh
In India's Ladakh region, a well-seasoned network of village homestays allows you to get immersed in the local culture without roughing it.
The Ganges
Safeguarding the Ganges
A new chapter in Indian ecotourism is unfolding along the upper reaches of the country’s holiest river, where a ban on rafting camps and t...
Bombay Heritage Walks
5 Walking Tours to Take in Mumbai
From food to flea markets, these five themed walks are anything but pedestrian.
View over Jaisalmer and its Centerpiece Fort
Jaisalmer: City in the Sand
Jaisalmer could well be India’s most enchanting fortress city, surrounded by a strange but beautiful desert.
Colonial-era Villas Line in Panaji's Fontainhas Quarter
Exploring Goa, Beyond the Guidebooks
A visit to the Indian state reveals its peaceful, hidden neighborhoods in addition to beloved beaches.
Monks Blow Conch Shells
Setting Up Camp in Remote India
A luxury traveling camp helps one of India's oldest monasteries by bringing travelers to its valley.
Tiger Territory in the Sundarbans
In the Ganges Delta, thick mangroves teem with wildlife, some species more elusive than others.