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Bali Quarantine Hotels: The Full List
Incoming tourists can self-isolate at 35 properties across popular locales such as Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Ubud.
What We Know So Far About Bali’s Reopening
Read on to find out more about pre-departure requirements and the official list of approved countries.
Indonesia Plans Shortened Quarantine of Five Days
The news comes less than a week before Bali reopens to international flights from selected countries.
Bali is Partially Reopening on October 14
Travelers from selected countries such as China, Japan, and New Zealand will be able to visit once more.
Indonesia May Start Reopening Borders in November
But that still remains dependent on the progress of the country’s vaccine rollout.
Bali’s Potato Head Studios Reopens This Week
Long-stay domestic travelers will be offered a special monthly rate of IDR 35,000,000.
Indonesia Expands Covid-19 Restrictions Beyond Java, Bali
Dozens of cities outside the hardest-hit regions face tougher rules until the Idul Adha holiday on July 20.
Indonesia Brings in Emergency Restrictions
Tightened coronavirus rules will be imposed across the hard-hit islands of Java and Bali from July 3–20.
Hong Kong Adds Indonesia to “No Flights” List
An entry ban on all travelers from the Southeast Asian country will begin at midnight on Friday.