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How to Spend 4 Days in Tokyo and Tottori
Experience the country’s past and future on a multi-day trip between the bustling capital and tranquil Tottori prefecture.
The Luxe List 2018: The Hiramatsu Atami
Built around a 40-year-old besso, or country villa, it features just 11 rooms and two tatami-matted Japanese suites.
Documenting the Last Days of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market
Time is running out to see the world’s biggest fish market in action before it relocates in October.
You Can Now Ride on a Hello Kitty Bullet Train in Japan
The Japan Railway West Co. has debuted a Hello Kitty bullet train, which will run on its Sanyo Shinkansen line between Osaka and Fukuoka.
Experience 12 Insider Journeys in Japan with Aman
To mark the Aman brand’s 30th anniversary, Aman Tokyo and Amanemu have launched a series of insider journeys aimed at allowing guests to b...
This Psychedelic Digital Art Museum is a Must-See in Tokyo
The 10,000-square-meter space will be teamLab’s first-ever permanent exhibition, comprising 50 artworks including Untitled, a psychedelic ...
Ritz-Carlton to Open New Resort in a Scenic UNESCO World Heritage Site
Slated to open in 2020, the brand’s sixth property in Japan looks set to be surrounded by the mountains and sacred forests of Nikko.
Japan Passport Overtakes Singapore’s as World’s Most Powerful
Holders of Japanese passports can now travel visa-free to 189 countries.
Japan Unveils Plans for Studio Ghibli Theme Park
The park will honor Oscar-winning animator Hayao Miyazaki’s best works, bringing them to life through rides and trails.