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Cambodia and the Philippines are Easing Entry Rules
Overseas tourists bound for Siem Reap no longer need to be tested for Covid-19 ahead of their trips.
The Philippines Reopens to Vaccinated Foreign Tourists
Mandatory quarantines have been scrapped and holidaymakers are now eligible to stay for up to 30 days.
Philippines Sets Date for Tourism Reopening
Quarantine restrictions will be scrapped for fully vaccinated foreign visitors from February 10.
How Southeast Asia is Responding to the Omicron Variant
Fears over the highly mutated strain of Covid-19 have led to a new round of travel bans across the region.
Philippines Confirms Partial Reopening in December
A two-week trial period will begin on Wednesday, and may be extended past the 15th if required.
Philippines Flags Reopening to Fully Vaccinated Tourists
Those flying in from low-risk countries may be able to visit as soon as December if all goes to plan.
Metro Manila Gears Up for Hard Lockdown
More than 13 million residents in the Philippine capital now face tightened social distancing rules, with quarantine curbs moving to their s...
Philippines to Ban Foreigners for a Month
The number of returning citizens and other travelers entering the country will be capped at just 1,500 per day.
Philippines Lifts Ban on Non-essential Foreign Travel
However, those returning from high-risk areas will have to present a PCR test result and go into quarantine.