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More than a convenient stopover en route to Europe, Qatar is a world-class destination in its own right.
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Qatar Airways Announces New Economy-class Seats and New Destinations
The new seats will feature a semi-fixed back shell that lets passengers enjoy more recline than before.
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Make the most of your visit by discovering cultural tapestries, immersing in the lively bazaars, and savoring Middle Eastern cuisine.
10 Ways to Experience Qatar on Your First Visit
Awe-inspiring desert landscapes, a rich culture, and vibrant modernity await on a stopover in Qatar.
A Look at the “Desert Rose” That is National Museum of Qatar
The latest completed project by acclaimed French architect Jean Nouvel—who was also behind the Louvre Abu Dhabi—is intended as a “mode...
Airline News: Qantas, Qatar Airways, and Korean Air
Qantas orders six more Dreamliner planes, Qatar Airways to roll out “Super Wi-Fi”, and more.