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The Luxe List 2018: Six Senses Duxton
The beds are supremely comfortable, but should travel-induced insomnia be a concern, the hotel’s TCM consultant can whip you up a tincture...
A Closer Look at Six Senses Duxton’s Orientalist Charms
The Six Senses group has made its long-awaited debut in Singapore with an intimate heritage property that’s big on character.
Checking In: Six Senses Duxton
Rejuvenate your senses at this eccentric yet elegant city hotel, which pays homage to its storied past.
4 Stunning Heritage Hotels in Asia to Check Out
This year’s lineup of heritage hotels is breathing new life into old buildings.
Hotel Deal: Six Senses Duxton
Slated to open on April 15, the property features elements that celebrate the city’s rich, multicultural history, as designed by acclaimed...