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South and Southeast Asia’s Buddhist Sites in Photos
Take a virtual tour from Indonesia to Bhutan and Sri Lanka to Myanmar through these snapshots.
The Luxe List 2018: Wild Coast Tented Lodge
Set above a boulder-strewn shoreline near the entrance to Yala National Park, its 28 cocoon-like tents are arranged in paw-shaped clusters a...
3 Destinations in Sri Lanka for Serenity and Adventure
A three-in-one trip combining south-coast indulgence with a stay in Sri Lanka’s cool tea hills and the untamed allure of a safari lodge st...
3 Eco-friendly Resorts to Dine at in Sri Lanka
In the central heartland of Sri Lanka, dining experiences at three eco-friendly resorts connect guests with the soil and local culture.
Eco-Resorts in Sri Lanka: Santani Wellness Retreat
This fortuitous pairing of doctor and chef is responsible for the culinary creations at Santani, which incorporate the six tastes that shoul...
Eco-Resorts in Sri Lanka: Heritance Kandalama
At this greenery-draped hotel, dining experiences 
connect guests with the soil and local culture.
Eco-Resorts in Sri Lanka: Kalundewa Retreat
There’s a strong sense of agricultural heritage at Kalundewa Retreat, a 42-hectare eco-resort in the shadow of its namesake mountain.
Santani Harmony | DestinAsian Magazine
The Luxe List 2017: Santani, Kandy
Then eco-luxe wellness retreat is perched on a secluded hillside, with upcycled decor accenting the otherwise minimalistic communal areas.
Get Up-close and Personal with Sri Lankan leopards
Since 1938, Yala National Park has lured travelers with the promise of seeing Sri Lankan leopards in the wild.