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U.K. Quarantine Rule to be Dropped for Visitors from Certain Countries
Europe’s tourism and airline industries are about to get a much-needed boost as Britain prepares to relax stringent entry requirements nex...
Four Major Art Retrospectives This Season
European museums and galleries are now holding a clutch of retrospective exhibitions on leading 20th-century artists.
2 Modern Art Museums with Stunning Additions
Two of the world’s most important contemporary art museums have major new expansions as brilliant as the works housed within. Here’s how...
2 London Events for Photography Aficionados
A seminal fair and a celebrity-focused gallery exhibit are seeing all lenses focused on London this May.
London’s Secret Mail Rail to Open for Tourists
A secret railway in London used to transport mail for 76 years will open next year as a tourist attraction.
Garuda Boeing 777
Garuda Indonesia to Fly Direct from Jakarta to London Heathrow
Garuda Indonesia will be the first airline to launch direct services between Jakarta and London.
A Photo Book Captures Scotland’s Common Ridings
"Unsullied and Untarnished" captures the enduring legacy a 500-year-old Scottish celebration.
Valentine’s Day Dinner at Hogwarts’ Great Hall
Hogwarts is once again opening its doors for muggles this year for a special Valentine's Day event.
Heathrow Airport Celebrates 70th Anniversary
First built as a military airfield during the World War II, Heathrow Airport has since grown to become one of the world's busiest commercial...