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First Glance: Iceland’s Newest Thermal Spa
A 20-minute drive from the heart of Reykjavík, Sky Lagoon puts a modern twist on local bathing traditions.
Bath's New Liquid Assets
Bath’s New Liquid Assets
It’s been a decade since thermal bathing returned to Bath, England’s historic spa town. Now, it’s a new five-star hotel with hot sprin...
The Blissful Techniques of a Vietnamese Massage
Learn what sets the Vietnamese massage apart from other therapies from The Nam Hai Hoi An's very own spa manager.
Soham Wellness Center
Ayurvedic Bliss at Soham Wellness Center
A sparkling new wellness center in Seminyak specializes in Ayurvedic therapies.
Bali Yoga Retreat
A Wellness Retreat on Bali’s Northeast Coast
Tucked away in Bali's quieter northeastern resort, the Spa Village Resort Tembok takes guests on a spiritual journey with its latest retreat...
Get Fit with Visiting Practitioners at Four Seasons Bali
Throughout different periods from April to October next year, the resort's fitness programs will have guests leave the island not just relax...