Polka Dot Queen Yayoi Kusama Gets Her Own Museum

Yayoi Kusama is, without a doubt, one of the most recognizable figures in contemporary art, and it’s high time the 88-year-old titan got a dedicated museum of her own. The inaugural exhibition at Tokyo’s brand-new Yayoi Kusama Museum showcases some of her latest works such as the immersive installation Pumpkins Screaming About Love Beyond Infinity, a mirror room that features the artist’s signature polka-dotted creations, alongside a selection of notable pieces from her six-decade-long career. One floor will be dedicated to monochrome drawings, while another will house 16 canvases from “My Eternal Soul,” an ongoing series of acrylic paintings that Kusama began in 2009. Make sure you book well in advance: just 50 visitors can enter the museum at any one time, with four 90-minute viewings per day.

Yayoi Kusama. Photos courtesy of the museum. ©Yayoi Kusama

Pumpkins Screaming About Love Beyond Infinity

This article originally appeared in the October/November 2017 print issue of DestinAsian magazine (“Connecting the Dots”).

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