August 2011 – Letters

Food for Thought
My compliments to Leisa Tyler for putting a local spin on her article about Singapore’s fine-dining scene [“Singapore’s New Flavor,” June/July]. Enough already about globe-trotting celebrity chefs. Though I adore Tetsuya Wakuda’s Waku Ghin and the burrata at Osteria Mozza, does the world really need another Robuchon outlet? I accept the premise that high-profile international restaurants motivate their local counterparts to “step up their game,” but when I travel, I seek out distinct, local dining experiences, whatever the price bracket. So thanks for pointing me in the direction of Wild Rocket and Candlenut Kitchen–they’re now on the top of my checklist for my next visit to Singapore. –Karen Gilbert, Bangkok

Don’t Go Changing
I remember many years ago buying Rolling Stone magazine because it was the best there was. Then it lost the plot. Your magazine is completely different, but it had a beauty and sensitivity with its feature spreads of type and images, on par with Rolling Stone, though in a different era. There was never enough of it. With your recent design change, however, DestinAsian is now slick and clean but the creative spark seems to have dimmed. To be honest, I really thought some of your earlier issues made it the best-looking magazine in the world–at least for a while. –David Szabo, Hong Kong

Wine of the Times
Thank you for the story about the wineries of Khao Yai [“Thailand Uncorked,” April/May], which made me thirsty indeed. I’ve been to these hills several times before, usually for the scenery, but the budding wine industry there is definitely cause for celebration. No, it’s not Napa Valley, but for an interesting and friendly side trip from Bangkok, it can’t be beat. GranMonte Estate is definitely one of my favorites. –Sununta Thittichai, Bangkok

Beauty and the Beach
Your fashion spread on the Maldives [“Divine Inspiration,” June/July] brought back wonderful memories of my own trip to the islands two summers ago. It truly is the most beautiful place in the Indian Ocean. I hadn’t heard of the Baros resort before, which is surprising given its longevity, but I’ll be sure to add it to my wish list for the next time I go back. –Cheryl King-Richards, Hong Kong

Samui Stunner
You’re right–the Banyan Tree Samui is gorgeous. I first spotted it in your 2010 Luxe List, though only recently managed to make my way there for a few nights’ stay. The tip-off is appreciated–it’s now one of my favorite places in the region. –Darren Lardner, Singapore

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