India: Ziplining Experiences in Rajasthan

Set on a plateau above the Rajasthani town of Alwar, the Neemrana Fort-Palace is circled by pigeons and the occasional bird of prey —and now, daredevil tourists. For their first foray in India, adventure operators Flying Fox (91-149/429-7100; plunge visitors across the sky on a series of zip lines extending between ridges and the 550-year-old fort. Ziplining experiences—there are five—include the Goodbye Mr. Bond, a fast flight 30 meters above the valley floor, and the 400-meter-long Where Eagles Fly, South Asia’s longest zip line, offering panoramic views of the Aravalli Hills. This month, be among the first in the world to try a night flight, followed by a lavish dinner (and stiff drink) at Neemrana. –PETRINA PRICE

Originally appeared in the August/September 2009 print issue of DestinAsian magazine ( “Wired Up”)

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