Bangkok Shopping: Siam Center

Central Bangkok’s Siam Center ( has long been a hub of Thai fashion, with glossy boutiques stocking looks by Greyhound, Baking Soda, and Fly Now—de rigueur labels for the kingdom’s in-crowd. Now, following the overhaul of its third and fourth floors by Greyhound’s Bhanu Inkawat and architect Duangrit Bunnag, the mall is positioning itself as the ultimate showcase of Thailand’s flourishing fashion industry. Peppered with works by emerging artists, its third floor, renamed Siam Center on Third, currently houses 37 homegrown clothing and accessory shops, including AB-Normal’s Japanese-inspired streetwear and Eight and a Half’s smart evening dresses. One floor up, look for Mob.F, a sleek multibrand store featuring the likes of Pil and The Alchemist. –David Tse

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